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 1.  PAYMENT - How can I go about making payments for my membership installments?
There are various ways for you to make your payments:
  • Cash / Cheque / Credit Card
  • Mail Order Deduction
  • If you do not possess a credit card or a checking account, you can bank-in your cash / cheque to any Maybank or Standard Chartered Bank. Our account number can be obtained from our Credit Control Department or from any BVC branch. Please ensure that a copy of the bank-in slip with your name and membership number is faxed over to us promptly to ensure your account will be credited.

 2.  PAYMENT - When is the due date for my payment of Annual Maintenance Fee?
For administrative purposes, all members who signed between the 1st January and 30th June of each year (both dates inclusive), the due date for payment shall be 1st January starting from the subsequent year. Whereas, for members who signed between 1st July and 31st December of each year (both dates inclusive), the due date for payment shall be 1st July starting from the subsequent year.

 3.  RESERVATION - When am I eligible to use my Annual Entitlement?
Request for utilisation of annual entitlement is subject to payment of all overdue instalments / annual maintenance fee in your account prior to your booking request. If you are advancing the following year's entitlement to be used in the current year, payment of maintenance fee for the week brought forward must be paid in advance. Surcharge payment (if applicable) must also be settled in full upon booking confirmation.

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